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Ladder Coordinators

Open Singles:  Nina Pack 554-1817
Age Singles:  Steve Krejsa 979-2591
Open Doubles: Willow Bauer, 779-6480
Women's Doubles: Michael Boyer 712-389-4346
Women's Singles: Anil Jha  319-551-2191
Mixed Doubles: Brandon Willett  778-1502

GDMTA Board Members

Alan Reed, President    556-5217 
Nina Pack, Vice President   554-1817
Mark Schmidt, Secretary  277-7075
Rich Heil, Treasurer/Scholarship Coordinator  240-2802
Brandon Willett, Ladder Secretary 778-1502
Willow Bauer, 779-6480
Mike Boyer, 712-389-4346
Anil Jha,  319-551-2191
Steve Krejsa  979-2591