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Please call 515-327-0245 or email Brandon Willett:

GDMTA Board Members

Alan Reed, President 556-5217

Nina Pack, Vice President 554-1817

Mark Schmidt, Secretary 277-7075

Rich Heil, Treasurer/Scholarship Coordinator 240-2802

Brandon Willett, Ladder Secretary 778-1502

Willow Bauer 779-6480

Mike Boyer 712-389-4346

Anil Jha 319-551-2191

Anthony Forcucci 201-2852

Ladder Coordinators

Open Singles: Nina Pack 554-1817

Age Singles: Anthony Forcucci 201-2852

Open Doubles: Willow Bauer 779-6480

Women's Doubles: Michael Boyer 712-389-4346

Women's Singles: Anil Jha 319-551-2191

Mixed Doubles: Brandon Willett 778-1502

Website Issues

If you are having trouble viewing the Ladder lists on this website from work, it may be blocked by your employer's server security. Please contact Anil Jha if you notice any issues with the website. Please feel free to make any improvement suggestions for this website.

Please contact Brandon Willett if you notice any issues with the ladder ranking or need a correction on match scores.