The Greater Des Moines Tennis Association's (GDMTA) major activity is to organize summer tennis ladders with multiple divisions to accommodate players of all skill levels.  Juniors are welcome to join; we do not have specific junior divisions but they will be 
competitive at some level.  Our normal registration fee entitles members to participate in as many ladders as they choose (e.g., open and/or age divisions, doubles, mixed doubles) and to participate in both sessions, which together run from mid-April through August with playoffs extending into September.

Newcomers should note that you can join at any time.  People who enroll now will be enrolled in the 2019 season.  Each division/ladder is available on this site, with contact information for setting up matches. Matches are initiated by a player challenging another player in their division.  The most advanced players/teams should sign up for Division 1 and those who are starting out should consider Division 3 or 4.  Complete rules are also available on this site and you should familiarize yourself with them... Get started by clicking Registration Form

For more details click Rules, and for clarifications contact a ladder coordinator by clicking Contact Us.

  Click News & Notes for additional info, comments, suggestions, announcements, etc.

A picture of the members at the GDMTA annual meeting.

GDMTA members who had an enjoyable evening at the Annual Meeting, Oct 2016

Tennis scholarships are available through the GDMTA !  If you are a coach, teaching professional or anyone who knows of a striving tennis player in need of support, click on the PDF logo to the right 
to download an application and contact information. To be considered applications should be submitted by April 10th of any year.
NOTE:  for 2019 the deadline has been extended to May 31.
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