News & Notes

Here you will find miscellaneous info, comments, suggestions, announcements, etc. to help make your tennis ladder experience even more enjoyable!

Keep in mind, when you post a result online, it is immediately viewable here.  However, any change in ranking/match credit will take a separate update.  Note "Last Updated" date and time on the Ladders page.

Tech Alert!  If you are having trouble viewing the Ladder lists on this website from work, it may be blocked by your employer's server security!

 Remember, ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for not adhering to them!  Read through the rules at least once every spring for changes.

Although it is usually up to the winner to report a match, either of you can do so.  Either way, the other player should check to see that it has been reported within the 24 hour limit for ranking movement/match credit.